Here’s Why Artificial Grass is Gaining Popularity

The market for synthetic turf or artificial grass is growing tremendously and is even considered as the fastest developing industry worldwide with a high volume increase every year.

Businesses and homeowners are choosing synthetic over natural for some number of reasons wherein artificial grass popularity is tied to some beneficial factors.

artificial grass

Water conservation

The increased use of this type of grass is recorded specifically in areas where drought is usually present, and with water rates becoming high, people are looking for ways to reduce water consumption. Using synthetic grass means there is no need to water the garden which comprises a large percentage of the homeowner’s water bill. Majority of usage comes from outdoor water use including lawns, landscaping, and plants. The idea of having your green grass getting lots of water every day is now a thing of the past. In that case, it also saves your back. The turf as a low maintenance alternative also eliminates the need for trimming or planting.

Improved quality and appearance

Saving water is not the only reason why artificial grass popularity is increasing. People are choosing to be synthetic as the quality and appearance of turf dramatically improve since its first installation. The decades of innovation and state of the art resources create the network of fibers into a more realistic look and feel as well as providing a lush and attractive feature. Years of innovation developed the product into its highest quality and comfort.

Eliminates the use of fertilizers and pesticides

To be able to grow and maintain a natural grass means utilization of fertilizers and pesticides which has been identified as the principal cause of water pollution. The use of synthetic turf implies significant health and environmental impact. Imagine a large athletic field that benefited not only the players but the environment as well.

Reduce landfill wastes

Used tires are kept out of landfills since turfs use ground-up crumb rubber pellets as a base to provide a softer surface. Also, synthetic turf can last for years and can be recycled and reused.

For the turf industry, business is booming with the artificial grass popularity still increasing. Thousands of home and business owners turned to synthetic turf to provide a practical, appealing, and comfortable solution that requires minimal maintenance and aids in water consumption level.

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