Prepping for the Much-Awaited Thanksgiving 2017

Roasted turkey, pumpkin decors, and a big batch of cocktails – Oh, Thanksgiving feels! Thanksgiving 2017 is one of the fantastic holidays that everyone awaits for this year. Not to mention all the glorious food and stylish decorations in every home, Thanksgiving is indeed a much-awaited event in every family. It can be a little bit stressful, especially all those prepping, but with the right tricks and techniques, blowing off a Thanksgiving event can be really fun and exciting.

First off on the list, kitchen tools, and cookware – You can’t prepare all the food in your menu without all of these. Prep off that roasting pan and a meat thermometer. And don’t forget the pan dishes for all your pies.

Holiday celebreation

And of course, the food! Get ready to thaw your turkey. You wouldn’t want to waste much time especially if your turkey is still frozen. And if you want to bring your turkey, defrost it as early as possible. Don’t get left behind!

Don’t forget the gravy! Everyone waits for the drippings in your turkey for a much authentic flavor. Make and freeze it and you are good to go.

Have I mentioned the cranberry sauce? No one wants to miss that! Keep it cool in the refrigerator until the big day comes.

The mash potatoes can’t be crossed off on the list! Make it, freeze it, and put a lot of butter and cream. Every little detail counts to make it perfect.

If you want an easier recipe to make for Thanksgiving, then dinner rolls are on the first list! This is a perfect match for your bread and turkey.

How about all the pies? Whether you want a lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, pudding pie, or apple pie, all of these make a great part of the event. Prep that crunchy crust and serve it on the big table!

Aaaah! Food coma all the way! With all these preparations on Thanksgiving, we must not forget the true essence of the event. It’s all about giving back and being thankful for everything, especially for our friends and families. Thanksgiving has such genuine intentions. It is a time of the year where everyone can unite as one, be together, and have a selfless deed for everyone.

Julee Adam
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